The work and life demands of an Executive Woman are equal to that of an Olympic Athlete.
— Carla Peeters, founder

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Information each executive woman needs to know

  • Research by Meghan Fitzgerald, published recently in Harvard Business Review, demonstrates that the more women earn, the less healthy they feel. 
  • Among those reporting, or being diagnosed with, one or more chronic illness in The Netherlands in 2014,  the frequency of women in the age group 24-68 years is higher compared to men of the same age (
  • Women are more frequently (1.5 times) prescribed with drugs compared to men, especially reproductive medication, medication for depression and sleep and sedative medication (Stichting Farmaceutische Kengetallen).
  • Why medication often has dangerous side effects for women. Emergency doctor Dr Alyson McGregor (Tedx Watch Video)


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