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FOUNDER Dr. Carla Peeters

Dr Carla Peeters was an executive CEO in change management in the healthcare sector in The Netherlands when she started to experience health problems. Unfortunately it took her many years to find the root cause of her increasing complaints. Meanwhile, she had lost the opportunity to work at top level performance. In this period she started studying nutrition and lifestyle and found her way back to health.

Based on her own experience in healing an imbalanced body, she started COBALA Good Care Feels Better, with a unique programme of personalised integrative care. Over the past two years, she met several women who had either lost their job, had chosen an easier job or had stopped with their own business, because of health problems. Moreover, she found scientific research showing that executive women feel less healthy.


Without a healthy body it is impossible to deliver long term top performance

  • to prevent unnecessary career breaks due to health problems
  • to support women with highly demanding jobs to use their talents optimally through excellent health